Are you FINALLY ready to step up your game?!?!

Here at The SkateHouse, we are now offering special packages for PRIVATE SKATEBOARDING, ROLLERBLADE, SCOOTER or ROLLERSKATE LESSONS AND PRACTICE SESSIONS for the awesome skaters that are interested in learning new tricks and improving their current skills! Each package begins with an instructed lesson that will last 1 hour and 15 minutes, followed by a supervised practice session for 1 hour and 45 minutes, totaling 3 hours! Packages for multiple skaters at the same time are also available upon request. For availability and booking purposes, all lessons must be scheduled AT LEAST 48 HOURS in advance.

The SkateHouse has FOUR unique, pro-qualified skateboarding instructors (with 10+ years of experience) who are capable of anything from teaching beginner skaters the absolute basics to advising more-experienced skaters on tricks. Prior to the lesson, the assigned instructor will briefly evaluate the skaters’ current abilities in order to adequately meet their individual needs during the lesson. After the personalized lesson, the instructor will supervise and slightly coach the skater as they practice their new skills around the park. The skater (and his/her parents) will be able to directly communicate with the instructor about specific concerns and status progress at any time before, during or after the lesson and practice session.

BEGINNER LESSONS: The instructors will help them work on the basics such as foot placement, posture, and balance. The instructor will then teach essential exercises (i.e. kick-turns) and how to correctly fall to avoid injuring oneself in order for the skater to feel more comfortable riding the board while simultaneously maneuvering the park amidst other skaters (and potential BMXers and Scooters). Once the skater feels comfortable enough, the instructor will then move on to the basics of riding the half-pipe, which includes pumping and maintaining speed. The instructor will also teach them proper skatepark etiquette and how to not endanger themselves or other riders.

ADVANCED LESSONS: The instructor will support them in mastering any previously learned tricks or teach them new ones to expand their trick set. The instructors will also be able to facilitate them with drop-ins on the larger ramps, riding the vertical walls, catching air, and ultimately fine-tuning each individuals’ technique on the board.

So are you ready to take your skills to the next level…?!


Each package includes 1 hour and 15 minutes of INSTRUCTED LESSON & 1 hour and 45 minutes of SUPERVISED PRACTICE.

  1. 1 SKATER: $55 per lesson
  2. 2 SKATERS: $45 each person
  3. 3 SKATERS: $40 each person
  4. 4 SKATERS: $35 each person

(Total time is not extended for each rider, time is extended accordingly!)

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: With the purchase of 1 single package, each skater will receive a 10% discount off a COMPLETE BOARD SET UP in our Pro Shop!


To schedule a lesson with one of our instructors today, you may book online, please specify date and time in Special Instructions, or call The SkateHouse directly at (818) 661-4570 or email us at info@theskatehouse.com if you have any questions or concerns!

Online scheduling coming soon!